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The Jack O'Lanterns were a group of mercenaries employed by Foreigner via one of the established Jack O'Lanterns, presumably Steve Levins. Unbeknownst to Levins, the four additional Jacks were sleeper agents working for the Finisher.[1] They fought against Spider-Man and Teresa when they tried to capture Chameleon, who was selling the Infinity Formula to the Foreigner.[2]

The Foreigner later deployed the Jack O'Lanterns when he cornered Chance into accepting a bet to attempt to steal a web-shooter off Spider-Man. Since succeeding would make the Foreigner cover all the debts of the wagers of his casino, but he had been swindled of his money by Chance, Chance tried to fail on purpose. However, the Jack O'Lantern's intervention allowed him to fluke the challenge when one of the Jacks sliced a web-shooter off Spider-Man's wrist and it fell on Chance's hands. Afterward, Chance and the Foreigner became partners.[3]

After Chance pressured one of his indebted patrons, college student and inventor Jamie Tolentino, into stealing a device called the Catalyst to power his own invention, a future-predicting artifact named the Clairvoyant,[4] the Jack O'Lanterns revealed themselves as double agents and attempted to steal both devices on behalf of the Finisher.[5] Levins helped contain the Jacks' rampage, fighting his namesakes.[1]



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