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In the mainstream Marvel universe, a revolving door of individuals have held the name Jack O'Lantern throughout the years, all of them using the mantel for criminal purposes. The current man behind the mask is an unnamed operative of The Crime-Master. Claiming to have killed all previous users of the Jack O'Lantern mantle, he has appointed himself as the archenemy of Agent Venom. Other individuals that have operated under the mantel of the Jack O'Lantern in the main Marvel universe have included:

Jason Macendale, Jr.
(Currently deceased)
Steven Levins
(Currently Jack O'Lantern)
Daniel Berkhart
(Presumably deceased)
Maguire Beck
(Presumably deceased)
"Jason Macendale Jr."
(Presumably deceased)
Mr. Levins
(Currently Jack O'Lantern)

It should be noted that there are two different "factions" concerning the Jack O'Lantern mantle. Macendale, Berkhart, Maguire Beck, the Secret War imposter and the current Jack all use costumes, common illusions and conventional weaponry to portray the character. On the other hand, the Levins brothers both admitted to have sold their souls to Mephisto, who in turn granted them the Jack O'Lantern identity, complete with supernatural powers and the ability to turn into Jack at will.

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