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Iceberg was a member of the Liberteens, the Pennsylvanian team of the 50-state Initiative. He was inspired by Jack Frost. He was with the Liberteens when they saved the Liberty Bell from Flag-Smasher and Ultimatum terrorists.[2]

Iceberg and his fellow Liberteens 2-D, Hope, and Ms. America later left the Liberteens and formed their own team called the Fantastix to replace the disbanded Fantastic Four. They were also able to gain ownership of the Baxter Building. The Fantastix's first mission was stopping the Wrecking Crew from robbing a jewelry store that just across the street from the Baxter Building. The real Fantastic Four later showed up and revealed that the robbery was actually staged by the Fantastix's manager and publicist Brenda Bannicheck in order to boost the team's popularity. Iceberg and his team then got the blessing of the Fantastic Four to continue using the Baxter Building.[3]

The Fantastix saw little action during their subsequent career, mostly due to being stand-ins for the Fantastic Four with the Fantastic Four being around. When the powerful alien Cormorant scoured the Earth in search for a mysterious artifact, he unceremoniously destroyed the entirety of the Baxter Building to unearth Container Zero. When the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom and Victorious arrived to confront the Cormorant, the Fantastix joined the fight. After the destruction of Container Zero ended with the creation of the Forever Gate and the Cormorant left, Mister Fantastic decided to reclaim what was left of the Baxter Building so his team could guard the portal. Despite being offered to help carry this duty, the Fantastix decided to leave it all to the Fantastic Four.[4]



  • Thermokinesis: After the experiment, Jack entire body is made out of ice.
    • Superhuman Strength: In this form, Jack has possessed enough strength to take out powerful super criminals.
    • Superhuman Durability: Jack's body is made out of pure ice that is hard to break through.
  • Cryokinesis: Jack can generate ice through his hands.[1]


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