Jack is the second son and third child of the Power Family. He received his powers shortly before the events of the movie from an unnamed alien (most likely this reality's version of Aelfyre Whitemane) when the time came for him to pass them on. Shortly afterwards, the family moved to a new neighborhood. Jack is first seen using his powers when he loses his retainer in the sink and shrinks to retrieve it.

Jack unintentionally created trouble for his family when he and 2 new friends decided to explore the haunted house of Dr. Mobius after school, and steal a medallion. Because of this theft, the spirit of Dr. Mobius came to haunt the Power House untill Jack, with Alex Power and Katie Power, returned the medallion.[1]


Like his Earth-616 counterpart, Jack can shrink himself down in size by increasing the molecular density of his body. However, unlike most other incarnations of the character, he seemingly cannot use these powers to decrease his density and assume a cloud like form.

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