Jack Ventura was a by-the-book military man who had an emotional disconnect with his daughter Sharon. This caused Sharon to push herself to the limit and strive to be the best to try and gain her father's approval. However no matter what she did she could never attain that which she craved the most. As a young adult, Sharon was enrolled in military academy. When her roommate was implicated in a cheating scandal that threatened to make the academy look bad, Sharon was ordered to tell what she knew. Unwilling to throw her friend under the bus, Sharon refused and was expelled for disobeying a direct order. This greatly shamed her in the eyes of her father who cut all ties with Sharon thereafter. The next time she saw him was a year later when she attended his funeral. Feeling guilt and shame, Sharon went out into the world and sought death defying adventure wherever she went in an unending quest to gain her father's approval. [1]


Jack is survived by his daughter Sharon who became the costumed heroine known as Ms. Marvel. [1] At the height of her career she was even a onetime member of the Fantastic Four. [2].

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