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Jack O'Diamonds was a criminal and early X-Men foe. While Scott Summers was running away from his orphanage because of his emerging powers, he ran into a forest around where Jack was.[3] Jack used his mental powers to get Scott to join him. He revealed to Scott that he had gained his powers from accidentally combining isotopes from a lab where he had been working. The combined isotopes caused an explosion, and he had to be hospitalized. After his recovery, he found that he gained his mental powers and hands of diamond. He planned on using Scott to aid him in stealing more isotopes because he planned on using them to increase his powers. He eventually had himself receive more radiation. His whole body then became diamond, not just his hands.[4] Through Professor X's intervention, he and Scott were able to stop Jack by using a vibration beam, which shattered Jack into many atoms-as Jack refused to submit even while Xavier explained that Jack was unstable and in danger.[5]

Living Diamond was made into a zombie by Black Talon to be a part of his team, the X-Humed.[6] They were defeated by She Hulk.[7]


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  • Radiation Resistance: This seems to be his true power, since his other abilities came from exposure to radiation. Since he was able to survive the radiation, he was mutated to gain his other powers.
  • Diamond Body: He could transform his entire body into a diamond-like form, much like Emma Frost.
  • Telepathy: He had a mild form of telepathy in which he was able to sense people's presences, as well as send out mental suggestions to others to bend their will. He could also use this ability to block other telepathic assaults against him.
  • Teleportation: In his first appearance, he had the ability to teleport himself and others short distances through means of separating someone's atoms and then recombining them at their destination.

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