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Little is known of the young man claiming to be the son of Miles Warren aka the Jackal.

He took over the Houghton Chemical Research Facility in Sudbury, Ontario, and killed two people. He held four hostages when Beta Flight was dispatched to deal with the situation. During the encounter Jackal used his poisoned claws to slash Beta Flight leader Manikin across his chest, incapacitating him. Witchfire lost her temper and used a spell to temporarily disrupt his thought patterns, despite the fact that Pathway was having success in talking him down. [citation needed]

The Jackal was taken into custody.

Powers and Abilities


Jackal has toxic claws coming out of his fingertips, which he could use them as lethal weapons or injectors.



The Jackal had access to various poisons and chemicals and used clawed gloves to distribute them.


  • It is believed this Jackal was actually a creation of the Jackal using the High Evolutionary's technology without his consent. However Alpha Flight member Pathway claims that Jackal II is in fact the son of Miles Warren and that Miles kept him prisoner throughout his life after his wife died. Monica allegedly died in a car wreck with her and Miles' two children.
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