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Jackdaw was an Otherworld elf who became the sidekick of Captain Britain after assisting him and the Black Knight against Necromon. Jackdaw was mortally wounded early in his adventures with the Captain,[1] but was revived by Merlyn and given new powers and a new costume.[2]

Jackdaw was permanently slain shortly after on Earth-238 by The Fury. Jackdaw was literally torn in half by one of the Fury's energy bolts and immediately expired in Captain Britain's arms.[3] Merlyn did not resurrect Jackdaw as it would have damaged his chances of rescuing Captain Britain, who was killed by the Fury and resurrected by Merlyn back on Earth-616.[4][5]

Powers and Abilities


Jackdaw had psychic powers enabling him to have a variety of powers.

  • Teleportation: Even between dimensions.
  • Telekinesis: He had the power to fire telekinetic blasts.
  • Empathy: With great effort Jackdaw could influence a person's mind.
  • Magic: Elven potential for further forms of magic


A skilled archer.


A character appearing to be Jackdaw was later seen apparently in the employ of the rogue superhuman Killpower when he caused Hell to invade Earth [6] but his current status, including whether he is alive or dead, remains unclear.

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