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Matthew Banham, aka Jackhammer, was a costumed agent/division leader of Hydra when it was under the leadership of the crime lord Silvermane. Daredevil, Black Widow, and S.H.I.E.L.D. pursued them when they arranged a kidnapping of Foggy Nelson. Jackhammer was among those who fought Daredevil and was defeated.[1]

Jackhammer later left Hydra and gained superhuman strength from a treatment at Power Broker, Inc. and started a relationship with female wrestler Poundcakes whose rebuff threatened the first date of Captain America and Diamondback. Anaconda and Asp rendered Jackhammer and Poundcake unconscious.

Dr. Karl Malus of Power Broker, Inc. formed Power Tools with Jackhammer and other villains in their plot to capture Battlestar and other characters when they de-powered them. He was among the villains that fought Captain America.

He left Power Tools once when there was an occasion that Doctor Octopus recruited him to join his incarnation of the Masters of Evil during the Infinity War. He was among the villains that turned on Doctor Octopus causing him to take flight.

The second Crimson Cowl later recruited Jackhammer to join her incarnation of the Masters of Evil. With them, he was defeated by the Thunderbolts.

Later, he would join an army of super-villains hired by R.A.I.D. as part of a terrorist plot against the city of London. He was teamed up with Jack O'Lantern and Shockwave and was tasked with flooding the Thames Tunnel, threatening the lives of many civilians inside. The trio of villains were swiftly defeated by the superhero Union Jack.[2]



Super strength and durability.

Jackhammer is an accomplished engineer and inventor.

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