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Quote1.png The Black Knight isn't a person Dane. It's just a bloody job. It doesn't have to be a lonely one. One of us goes out, swings the sword, saves the world. Other one sits right there, guiding. Then we swap. Nobody knows who's behind the visor. Nobody needs to. Two broken hero. Quote2.png
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Jackie "Jacks" Chopra was the daughter of Ashima Chopra and Dane Whitman. Whitman, who fled Ashima's life out of fear after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and moved to London, was kept in the dark about his daughter's existence until her adulthood. Ashima died within a year of Jackie's birth, leaving her daughter to grow up an orphan with no knowledge of her family lineage.[1] She grew up in and out of varying foster homes without ever really fitting in anywhere, while discovering a love for academia and study.[2]

Jackie attended University in London, as well as spending half her Master's Degree in New York, majoring in Mythology where she became known as a trouble student due to her tendency to argue against traditionally held beliefs, and frequently clashed with more affluent student and staff who looked down on her for her lack of heritage. At one point she was involved with an incident resulting in her graffitiing her Professor's office, denouncing his "elitist chauvinist crap". During this period she began to work on her thesis centering around the idea that the Arthurian Legends were inherently too contradictory to be real, and that Camelot never truly existed.[3]

Jacks was invited to Garrett Castle under the pretense of examining Arthurian legends and artifacts contained there, in response to her papers on the subject, but upon her arrival to the Castle, Whitman received an Avengers high priority alert and rushed out, leaving her to wait. During the battle, Dane was killed by a disguised Mordred, who was trying to claim the Ebony Blade for himself. Ignoring his butler's pleas, Jacks decided to use the opportunity to try and examine the Blade herself, accidentally cutting herself on the blade, causing her to begin seeing visions of Camelot, as well as bringing Dane back to life. The two attempted to eat and discuss Jacks' thesis but Dane's post-death manic episodes prevented any in-depth discussion before he promptly decided that he needed to consult an expert and sent her away.[4]

Returning to her University, Jacks found her professor murdered, and began to see more visions of Camelot and the origins of her, still unbeknownst to her, ancestor Sir Percy of Scandia. Returning to Garrett Castle, she interrupted a fight between Dane and Elsa Bloodstone to convince them to work together, unraveling Mordred's plan to collect the Ebony Items.[3] The three traveled to Listeniese, the mystic wasteland where the Holy Grail was kept, where they were attacked by Mordred. During the battle, Jacks briefly lifted the Ebony Blade after it was knocked from Dane's hands, but was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer malice of the weapon, and cast it aside before she could engage in the fighting. While Dane and Elsa continued to battle Mordred, Jacks was gifted more visions by Merlin's Raven, who guided her to the location of the Ebony Chalice.[2]

Using the knowledge granted by the Chalice, the three were able to track Mordred down and confront him, but the after effects of its use left Dane severely weakened and grappling with visions of his own death. Seeing that his enemy was already fighting a losing battle, Mordred handed Elsa the Bloodstone he had been using, correctly predicting that, as that was the only thing driving her to join forces with Dane and Jacks to begin with, she would abandon the pair once she got it - despite Jacks' begging her to stay and help. After a brief struggle, Whitman seemingly accepted his death and refused to continue the cycle of the Black Knight's death and rebirth - casting the Blade aside and allowing Mordred to stab him, leaving him to die a final death without his sword to resurrect him. Desperate, Jacks grabbed the Ebony Blade for herself and tried to stop Mordred from reforging the Ebony Items, but was unable to prevent him from making them into a Helmet that would allow him to control the angry masses- swiftly being defeated and killed.[5]

While Mordred returned his attention to his plans, he failed to notice the Ebony Blade resurrect Jacks as it does with any Arthurian heir, allowing her a critical sneak attack against him. Meanwhile, Dane used his final moments to begin reflecting on his own failings into the Listenr app, knowing full well it had been developed by Mordred and would patch his voice directly into his cousin's head, distracting him and allowing Jacks to gain an advantage against him, revealing to his cousin that Jacks was his daughter all along and that Mordred never bothered to seek out any living female heirs during his purge of their bloodline. While this still proved insufficient to allow Jacks to defeat Mordred, Elsa reappeared at the last moment fueled by a guilty conscience, and Whitman was able to drag Mordred's spirt into Listeniese while using a magic loophole to resurrect himself- while he hadn't been in contact with the Blade at death, he was "in contact" with Mordred's Ebony Crown thanks to the Listenr app; allowing the three heroes to combine their efforts and seemingly kill Mordred, while Dane claimed the Crown for himself.

One week after Mordred's apparent death, Whitman melted down the Crown again, transforming it into the Ebony Siege, a throne that would grant anyone sitting in visions of possible futures, and invited Jacks to stay in Castle Garrett while explaining their true relation to each other. Jacks, while initially furious, ultimately decided that she would take up the mantle of the Black Knight as well - reasoning that the Ebony Blade's madness was too much for any one person to bear, but if they took turns wielding it while the other supported them from the Siege, the two could become a better hero, and possibly learn to become a family.[1]

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Magic Immunity: The Sword that Chopra is using is immune to magical powers, granting her an immunity to magic.

Physical Strength

Possesses the strength of a normal human female who engages in intensive regular exercise.



  • Jacks currently wields the Ebony Blade, sharing the burden of its dark magic with her father, Dane.[1]

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