Jackson Brice was a member of Bestman Salvage, under Adrian Toomes. After the Battle of New York, the Department of Damage Control was founded, which put Bestman Salvage out of business. Afterwards, Brice pointed out that they still had Chitauri tech that they didn't turn over. A vengeful and opportunistic Toomes decided that their crew should steal from Damage Control with weaponized versions of that tech.

In the years that followed, Toomes' crew pulled covert heists to salvage more tech from superpowered battles. Schultz called himself "the Shocker", based on his own weapon of choice; a high tech gauntlet that both increases his strength and shocks/electrocutes anyone it punches. Toomes himself did not approve of Brice's nickname, considering it to be too Pro-Wrestling like.

He and Herman Schultz accidenlty attracted the attention of Spider-Man when they tried to sell some of Toomes' high tech weapons to Aaron Davis. Spider-Man confronted the two thugs, who initially tried to fight back, but were forced to flee when they found they were outmatched. Spider-Man gave chase, and it was only because of Toomes's interference that Brice and Schultz were able to get away.

Back in their warehouse, Toomes chewed Brice out for his recklessness and endangering their operation, and fired him from the gang. Brice retaliated by threatening to reveal Toomes' secret to his wife, after which Toomes grabbed what he believed to be an anti-gravity gun, and shot Brice with it. However, the weapon turned out to be a desintegrator instead, and it killed Brice. His body crumbled to dust, leaving behind only his gauntlet. Although initially shocked about accidently killing Brice, Toomes quickly shrugged it off and handed the gauntlet to Schultz, declaring him to be the new Shocker.[1]


Shocker's Vibro-Shock Gauntlet

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