Jake Travest's past is a mystery, but he was forcibly recruited by the CIA's Edmund Roth at the same time as Professor Jennifer Swensen, Codename: Spitfire, and partnered with her. Only later would Jenny learn the truth about the apparently mild mannered and fun loving Jake; he was the victim of periodic blackouts, during which his easygoing persona would be replaced by another personality, a violent and sadistic individual called 'Slash'! Despite this, Jenny managed to work with Travest until he was injured on a mission. Later, when Travest had recovered, he was given Jenny's high-tech MAX armor following her incapacitation and was sent to capture two of the members of Psi-Force, Tyrone Jessup and Wayne Tucker. He almost succeeded, but was thwarted by the operatives of the Medusa Web, who destroyed the MAX armor. Tucker used his mental powers to 'push' Travest, who was by now quite insane and had injured or killed numerous civilians in his pursuit of them, to give himself up to the police and confess his crimes and the involvment of his superiors in them. Travest was last seen in jail. [citation needed]


MAX armor

In his appearances in Psi-Force, Travest is mistakenly called 'Jacob', though he was introduced in Spitfire #9 as 'Jackson Travest'.

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