A former scientist at Omnisapient Systems who worked as an assistant to Parul Kurinji and harbored hidden feelings for the scientist[1], he was horribly scarred when Omnisapient Systems fell victim to one of the Scorched Earth protocols left behind by the Intelligencia. Hospitalized, he was eventually "rescued" by Zero/One, a former coworker turned into a cybernetic entity bent on destroying Red Hulk.[2] Promising to heal his scars if he assisted her, Feinman reluctantly agreed, accompanying her to Hyderabad, India to free Black Fog[3] and later assisting her forces against the Thule Society.[4] Following the battle in New York City with the Thule Society, Feinman and Zero/One continued tracking Red Hulk, this time to his boyhood farm in New Hampshire.[5]

Feinman was later instrumental in Red Hulk, Machine Man, and Red She-Hulk's victory over Zero/One, leading the trio to Zero/One's floating platform[6] and giving Machine Man a device that disabled Zero/One's drones and freed Black Fog from her control.[1]

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