In this reality, Jake Gallows somehow became the Punisher and annihilate the Warlords of the Transatlantic Bridge and became an hero. At one point, he met Kerry Dowenn, the holo-actress, and married her.

She was not killed by her universe counterpart of the Fearmaster, and they eventually married at one point. Jake eventually came to led the Punishment Police.

He was called by Synchron the Synner to destroy his counterpart: Synchron the Strange Attractor. Later he called back his reality's Synchron to home, and met a few second the Punisher of Earth-928, without time for this one to ask him any questions.


Seemingly those of Jacob Gallows of Earth-928.


Probably the same as Jacob Gallows (Earth-928)#Paraphernalia


Jake Gallows possessed an heavy armored and armed tank.

This Punisher bears strong looking resemblance with his mainstream counterpart, except the color patterns: White and black instead of blue, black and red; And his affiliation to the The Punishment Police, who will occurs later for the mainstream Jake Gallows.

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