Jacob Gallows was a member of Synthia Incorporated's Public Eye police force. He lived in an apartment at Atlas Arcology with his wife Mary and his two children, Sara and Jake.[1]

In year 2098, fellow Public Eye agents Matt Axel, Johnny Tower and others, killed Jake's family in retaliation for Gallows' testifying against a criminal; to disguise themselves, they wore the masks of heroes from the Heroic Age - Captain America, Spider-Man, the Thing, and Wolverine.[2]

Tyler Stone prodded Gallows to discover a timeslide device in an Alchemax contractor's offices and use it to travel to the past (Earth-616's present day) to kill the Avengers in a misguided attempt to punish the people who inspired the men who killed his family; Stone was presumably seeking to make money through an undisclosed manner through Gallows' actions. Knowing Gallows was a devout member of the Church of Thor, Lyla and Stone both posed as Thor while speaking to Gallows through the Chronosphere and guided him on his mission. As a fail-safe against Gallows' failing, Lyla had him insert a copy of her program into the Reality-616's World Wide Web via an automated bank machine prior to attacking the Avengers. Gallows' weapon seemingly disintegrated Avengers Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett), but actually cast them into the timestream; Luke Cage subsequently captured Gallows, but Gallows' actions caused tremors in both time periods, eventually causing a timestorm that temporarily overlapped the two times and realities. After being returned in 2099, Gallows entered Tyler Stone's office to punish him for his crimes, but the two killed each other in battle.


Seemingly those of Jacob Gallows of Earth-928.

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