Quote1 They call me the Punisher. And I take issue with people who go around murdering other people. I'll give you one chance to surrender. Please don't take it. Quote2
-- The Punisher src


After some glitches in the Timestream, the events of the year 2099 changed under unspecified circumstances and everything that happened after the Atlanteans invasion was cancelled from the timeline. In this new timeline, the Punisher was alive and was contacted by Spider-Man when he and Lady Spider traveled back to 2099 A.D. in order to dissect the cloned body of the Inheritor Daemos for clues on how to defeat his brethren. At the same time, they had captured the new Daemos and locked him up in a stasis, but this wasn't able to hold him like Miguel originally thought. Daemos used the field to his advantage, killing himself so another clone could be transported back there with his essence uploaded into it to finish off the two spiders.

Jacob Gallows (Earth-TRN588) vs. Daemos (Earth-001) from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 2 7 001

Punisher vs. Daemos

As Daemos made his way to Alchemax, he was blasted off his flying vehicle by the Punisher. Gallows confronted Daemos with his advanced weapons dealing a good amount of damage to the Inheritor, going as far as beating him repeatedly in the face with a Titanium Bat and using a plasma gas cannon to burn the ground causing Daemos to fall through. Gallows' distraction gave Spider-Man and Lady Spider ample time to transport back to the spider safe zone.[1]

Contest of Champions

When the Elders of the Universe visited the remains of the reality known as Battlerealm, they decided to partake in a Contest of Champions to determine who was to keep the powerful Iso-Sphere found in this universe. Punisher was the champion chosen by the The Grandmaster from across the Multiverse.

Jacob Gallows (Earth-TRN588) from Contest of Champions Vol 1 7 001


Many waged battles later, Gallows and Maestro were the finalists. With ulterior motives in mind, they offered the Elders each represented (Grandmaster and The Collector) to become their right hands and put in motion a new Contest of Champions. Thus, Punisher and Maestro became their summoners, choosing new warriors from across the Multiverse.

Jacob Gallows (Earth-TRN588) from Contest of Champions Vol 1 10 001

When the Contest reached its conclusion, and the Collector saw himself with the majority of the Iso-Sphere in his posession, Maestro and Punisher betrayed their masters. Maestro got hold of the Iso-Sphere and became the god-king of Battlerealm, with Gallows becoming his right hand, and executioner and warden of the contestants.[2] Punisher began to show disgust for Maestro, realizing that he killed for joy rather than punishment.

Maestro eventually decided to directly fight all of the contestants, including the Punisher, knowing Gallows had been plotting against him. Before the fight could begin, Gallows was unceremoniously shot in the head by one of the contestants, an alternate version of Frank Castle who didn't approve of Gallows "wearing the skull."[3]


Seemingly those of the original Punisher of 2099.


Seemingly those of the original Punisher of 2099.


Seemingly those of the original Punisher of 2099.


Seemingly those of the original Punisher of 2099.

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