Punisher 2099 is one of the many Champions at the Summoners' disposal in the Contest of Champions held in the Battlerealm.

A former member of the Public Eye Police Force in 2099, Jake Gallows had his life stolen from him after being left for dead following the murder of his family; a tragic event that led Gallows to become the ruthless vigilante known as the Punisher. Eventually, Gallows caught the eye of the Hydra Empire for his approach to dealing with crime, and was placed in charge of the Ministry of Punishment.

Contest of Champions

Tasked with the mission of going back in time to execute the symbiotic serial killer known as Carnage as part of Hydra's initiative to punish criminals in different timelines, Gallows travelled back to the 21st Century only to be captured by the Collector in the first batch of Champions for his Contest of Champions.[Additional reference 1]


Seemingly those of the original Punisher of 2099.


The Contest labels Punisher 2099 as a Tech Champion, therefore weakening him against Cosmic Champions.


Nano-Tech Battery: Jake Gallows' outfit is equipped with a Nano-Tech Battery that powers the nanotechnology he employs to enhance his strength and regenerate. It also allows him to teleport any weapon from his arsenal into his hands, freshly formed and reconfigured on the spot.[Additional reference 1]


Arsenal: Jake Gallows' arsenal includes an energy shield, knives, disintegrating pistols and assault rifles, and "Grenazers."[Additional reference 1]

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