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Jacob Grimm grew up on Yancy Street an impoverished neighborhood located on New York's Lower East Side. He eventually managed to escape the poverty of Yancy Street and become a New York City doctor, and married his first wife Alyce. When his brother Daniel and his wife Elsie died suddenly, Jake took in his surviving nephew Ben. Ben, then a member of the Yancy Street Gang, protested at the idea of being uprooted from his life and moved up town. Ben was hostile and argumentative toward both Jacob and his wife, but the couple worked on the boy. Eventually, Ben worked through his grief and learned to love his aunt and uncle as much as they loved him.[3]

Jake in his prime

Ben eventually became a football star in college,[4] a soldier[5] and test pilot for both the United States Air Force [6] and NASA.[7] One day tragedy struck the life of Jacob Grimm when he and his wife were caught in a car accident. While Alyce was killed, Jacob was crippled in the accident. Embittered by his injuries, Jacob eventually learned to over come them and eventually married a nursing student named Petunia. The couple then decided to leave New York City, opening a private law practice in Benson, Arizona.[8]

Not long after this, Ben Grimm was the pilot on the ill-fated space flight of Reed Richard's new Star Drive. The flight crashed due to a bombardment of cosmic rays that caused the crew to gain super-human abilities. They soon formed the Fantastic Four, the first heroes of the modern age.[9]

Years after the birth of the Fantastic Four, the people of Benson began disappearing, troubling both Jacob and Petunia. He sent Petunia to New York to enlist the aid of his nephew and the rest of the Fantastic Four.[10] When the Fantastic Four arrived in Benson, Ben and Jacob were happily reunited. They soon learned that the town was under siege from ancient demons that were unearthed by an archaeological expedition headed by the famous Dame Ruth Efford. After a night of terror, every citizen of Benson fled the town, except for Jacob, Petunia and 26 other citizens. They continued to live in Benson, seemingly without any further trouble.[8]

Following an attack on the Baxter Building by Annihilus, both Ben's girlfriend Alicia Masters and his godson Franklin Richards were seriously injured and required immediate medical attention.[11] Jacob flew into New York to provide his medical expertise, treating both patients. He later met with the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Girl and Ben to inform them that while Alicia and Franklin's injuries were serious, they were expected to recover.[12] He also administered a pregnancy test on the Invisible Girl, informing her and Mister Fantastic that she was pregnant with their second child.[13] Shortly thereafter, Jacob returned to Benson where he remained out of contact with the Fantastic Four and his nephew for a number of years.

Jacob and Petunia came up to New York City when Ben celebrated his bar mitzvah, as well as the anniversary of his transformation into the Thing.[14] Jake and Petunia would later welcome the Fantastic Four to Benson, where Ben decided to marry Alicia Masters. At Alicia's own request, Jake walked her down the aisle at the ceremony.[15]



After a series automobile accident, Jacob has difficulty walking and requires crutches and leg braces in order to walk.

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