Jacqueline Starr was a television reporter for CNB (Canadian News Broadcasting). She came to Coventry, Alberta to cover a recent appearance of Bigfoot in the city, which left behind physical evidence. Seeing Puck of Alpha Flight on the scene, Jacqueline recognized him and correctly deduced that this was not Bigfoot, but Sasquatch. She asked Puck whether Sasquatch has gone amok and whether he was too dangerous to continue serving among Canada's protectors. Puck refused to comment anything on camera, following orders from General Jeremy Clarke to not speak to the press. Jacqueline proceeded to ask him whether he could not talk to the press due to an ongoing government cover-up of the situation.[1]

Puck tried to derail the interview by publicly hitting on Jacqueline and complimenting her lovely gams (legs). Jacqueline cut the interview short and decided to censor this part of the interview. She was going to use a voice-over to explain that Puck was uncooperative. Puck started leaving and privately told her that he was following orders. She promised to get him some negative publicity.[1]

Her assessment of Sasquatch hit home for Puck, who realized that "Walt" was truly dangerous in his new form and too dangerous for the team. He contemplated that usually he thought of stuff like this for himself, and wondered why the truth never crossed his mind since he rejoined the team.[1] Department H had at the time brainwashed Puck.[2]


Jacqueline is a skilled television reporter, and investigative journalist. She uses small clues to deduce Department H's hidden secrets and is often much closer to the truth than anyone else.

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