Untold centuries ago, in an era before even King Kull's Valusia, humanity was enslaved by the N'Garai. After the N'Garai were driven off Earth by "the one true God" humanity had to fend for itself. Humans however acted brutally, as depravity was all humanity had known. In these times, Jade was savagely attacked by a group of men and was so badly beaten that she prayed for death. In answer to her prayers, an immensely bright light appeared before her that set her on fire. The cave she was in became terribly hot and Jade suffered incredibly. She was transformed and became infused with an entity called the Firebird, becoming humanity's "soul"[1].

In the present, Dhasha Khan, a leader of a group of warriors and an agent of the N'Garai, sent men to attack her. At first they were beaten back by Iron Fist, but eventually they were taken to Feng-Tu, the land of the dead for the people of K'un-Lun[2]. Iron Fist was defeated there by the Silver Dragon, the spirit of his mother. The Silver Dragon stole the Firebird entity from Jade and trapped it in a Soulgem for Dhasha Khan[3].

Khan returned to Earth with Jade and the Soulgem[4] and began returning the world to its state when humanity was enslaved by the N'Garai. Iron Fist fought his way back to the land of the living, defeated Dhasha Khan, and returned the Firebird to Jade. Jade was transformed back into her Firebird form and left humanity's plane of existence, after restoring Iron Fist to life[5].

Jade - Firebird Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Vol 1 22

From Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22

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