The past history of Jade Dragon prior to the release of the Terrigen Mist on Earth-9997 remains unrevealed. When exposed to the Terrigen Mist, he mutated into a humanoid dragon. He became a slave in the Skull's army and would follow the Skull across America as he worked his way to New York in a bid to take over the world. Jade Dragon would be forced to fight the army of super-humans that were gathered by Captain America to oppose the Skull. In the end, the Skull would be killed and the Jade Dragon would be freed.

Developing an interest in Iron Maiden, he would follow her when she was summoned to the Savage Land by Cable. There he would help Iron Maiden, Black Bolt and the Iron Avengers in rescuing Magneto who was being enslaved by the Toad, who had swapped powers with Magneto following the repolarization of the planet. Cable's intent of freeing Magneto, would also allow him to ask Iron Maiden, master of Vibranium, to go into space to free Cybele of the Eternals so that she may save his life.

Jade Dragon was unaware of this until later, and felt hurt when he realized that Iron Maiden feigned mutual interest in him to get him to come along. However, during the course of the battle, and the heroes subsequent victory, he found that she did indeed truly like him. He would join the Iron Avengers after the battle, however his current whereabouts are unknown.


The Jade Dragon has mutated into a humanoid dragon, complete with wings that enable him to fly. He has enough endurance to fly from New York to the Savage Land. He also had the ability to blow green flames from his mouth.

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