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Jade Logan's history is presumably similar to her Earth-807128 counterpart's. Jade lived with her family on a small farm in Hulkland, territory controlled by the Hulk Gang in the Wastelands.[2][3]

Jade and her family once went on vacation on the Atlantic coast. While there, Jade was frightened by corpses of heroes that died during the battle for Atlantis that happened decades ago.[1]

At one point, Logan was taken over by his future self so he could prevent the murder of his family. Logan tried to fight back against the Hulk Gang when they came telling him that he owed them rent, but he discovered that he couldn't pop his claws and received a severe beating from the gang. After Logan realized that he couldn't change his family's destiny, he received an amulet from Jade that he needed to return to the present, which Jade had repaired.[3]

After Logan was unable to pay rent to the Hulk Gang,[4][3] the Hulk Gang killed Logan's family, including Jade.[4] This resulted in Logan in killing nearly the entire Hulk Gang[5] and its leader Pappy Banner.[6]

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Jade displayed some skill in horseback riding.[3]

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