Jago was the ruler of the Dragon-Men, one of two dominant races on the planet Ligra. Seeking to take over the planet form the ruling Lion-People, Jago sought the means to do so. Learning of the Earth scientist Professor Philo Zog and his robot Electro, Jago traveled to Earth in a rocket. He and his minions attacked the secret hideout of criminal Boss Sapro who was then forcing Zog to use Electro to commit crimes. Easily defeating the gangsters, Jago kidnap[ed Zog and his invention, returning them to Ligra.[1]

There, Jago tortured Zog into using Electro to boost his military power and sent one of his minions to send a final warning to the Lion-People's ruler Queen Nara. When Nara refused to surrender, Jago forced Zog to send Electro to overthrow the Lion-People. During the course of the battle, Jago kidnapped Nara and took her back to his castle. There, he demanded that she give him her royal jewels; however, she refused. In response, Jago left her to be killed by his giant octopus monster.

When Professor Zog freed himself, he unleashed Electro against the Dragon-Men and free Queen Nara. As Jago and his underlings attempted to flee in a space ship, Electro toss it into a nearby lake, sending Jago and his minions to a watery death.[2]


Jago had access to the Dragon-Men's interstellar star-ships.


Jago could access the Dragon-Men's unique ray guns, rocket launchers, and had various torture devices as well as a giant octopus creature he would subject his victims to.

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