When Pete Wisdom was captured breaking into Black Air's Dream Nails facility, Shrine was assigned to use the prisoner to field test Black Air's new Blood Eagle virus, a stress-activated bacterium developed from captured Uncreated aliens that painfully destroyed the flesh of those infected. After entering the room Pete was held in, Shrine had it flooded with the airborne virus, then used his telepathic powers to stimulate Pete's painful memories, raising Pete's stress levels and triggering the virus within him. However, after Shrine gloatingly informed his victim of how the virus worked, Pete deliberately dredged up the memory of assaulting Cold Grey, an Antarctic fortress taken over by terrorists, where he had slaughtered everyone within; Pete, having long since come to terms with his actions, remembered them without his stress levels rising, but Shrine, who had never been a field agent, was horrified both to experience Pete's brutal actions and by the realization of just how monstrous Pete could be, triggering the virus in his own system. It began ripping Shrine's flesh apart, raising Shrine's stress levels further and thus triggering ever more damage, while Pete made good his escape.[citation needed]



The Blood Eagle may have killed Shrine, given his description of the manner in which he expected it to slay Pete, and Pete's comments to Shrine just prior to escaping. However, since the virus was described as shredding the flesh of its victims and thus quite gory, most of its attack on Shrine was left to the readers' imagination, leaving Shrine's demise undepicted and thus unconfirmed.

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