Jahf was a small but powerful robotic being, charged with guarding the M'Kraan Crystal. Any opponent who could defeat Jahf would go on to face the second guardian, Modt.[1]


When the X-Men and the Starjammers attempted to enter the Crystal, Jahf sent Wolverine half way across the planet with a single punch. Jahf withstood the power of even the Phoenix, before eventually getting his circuits scrambled by Banshee's sonic scream.[1]

Age of Apocalypse

On Earth-295, Jahf was the only other individual other than Bishop that was aware that their reality came into existence due to the fracturing of Earth-616 when Legion accidentally killed his father Charles Xavier in the past.[2] When the X-Ternals arrived on the world where the M'Kraan Crystal was kept, Jahf would beg their leader Gambit to stabilize the crystal as it would potentially destroy the universe.

Jahf would instruct Remy that he would have to give up something in order for the crystal to allow him to take a shard. Remy would give up his love for Rogue and succeed.[3]

The crystal was eventually stabilized, and Earth-295 continues to endure.

Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

When D'Ken intended to execute Xavier by using the crystal, Gladiator went to spoke with Jahf, who agreed to lay the crystal to them for the day.[4]


Superhuman Strength: he can lift over 100 tons.[5]

  • Jahf (paired with Modt) was named after the comic strip Mutt and Jeff. When John Byrne was penciling the pages for X-Men #108, he jotted the names in the margin notes to Chris Claremont. Claremont used the names, not picking up on the reference, due to the order of names being reversed since Jahf appeared in the issue before Modt.[6]

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