The Inhuman that would become the Jailer was a criminal punished by the Council of Attilan to spend the rest of his life in a secret torture facility, repenting from his crimes until he died. He somehow managed to seize control of the prison, and took on the garb of his old captors. The new Jailer continued operating the prison, with his true nature remaining unrevealed. This way, the Jailer grew stronger, feeding for centuries on the pain and suffering of countless of inmates he tricked other jailers into handing over to him. As he became more powerful, the Jailer turned into an enormous monstrosity and split his body into tanks,[1] using a secondary humanoid form as a façade.[2]

One of the Jailer's last victims was the Inhuman king Black Bolt, unwittingly cast away by his wife Medusa in the place of his treacherous brother Maximus, who switched places with Black Bolt using image inducers before being sentenced to the space prison.[3] Together with other inmates, namely the Absorbing Man, Blinky, Raava, and Metal Master, Black Bolt attempted to break out of prison. They even managed to witness the Jailer's true form before being subdued.[4]

Jailer's true form

On their second attempt, the would-be escapees confronted the Jailer once again. Fueled by Black Bolt's sonic scream, the Absorbing Man sacrificed himself so that he could deal a seemingly fatal blow to the Jailer.[5] The Jailer's prisoners believed him dead, but the Inhuman villain had used his abilities to implant himself in Blinky's mind.[6] When they returned to Earth, Blinky was kidnapped by Inhuman rebels. During Black Bolt's subsequent confrontation with Lash, Blinky's body was taken over by the Jailer.[7] While the Jailer attacked Black Bolt's psyche, Blinky's astral form sought out Black Bolt's son Ahura, and they both manifested inside Black Bolt's mind.[6] They intercepted the Jailer's attacks, and their help allowed Black Bolt to regain his strength to break out of the Jailer's mental grasp. The Absorbing Man and Titania's subsequent assistance in physically fighting the Jailer also inspired Black Bolt, allowing him to break the Jailer's physical restrain and use his sonic voice to destroy him. Before the Jailer was disintegrated, his original form as the Inhuman prisoner emerged for a split second.[8]

Powers and Abilities


Inhuman: The Jailer is an Inhuman with the following abilities:[1]

  • Psychic Vampirism: The Jailer possesses the ability to feed on other people's mental energy to empower himself.[1]
  • Possession: The Jailer can inhabit the minds of others and remain undetected for months. He can also completely take over the minds of others and make their bodies his own.[7]
  • Biological Manipulation: The Jailer appears have the power to manipulate the biology of any body he inhabits as he was able to transform Blinky's body into something resembling that of a monster.[7]

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