Jaime first appeared working for Ahmet Abdol the Living Monolith. Ahmet along with Professor Merridew hired Power Man and Iron Fist to guard the Egyptian exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. Senor Suerte along with some men tried to rob the museum, but were stopped by Power Man and Iron Fist. Suerte manages to escape and it is discovered that all the items have been replaced by fakes with Power Man and Iron Fist taking the blame. Eventually they realize the whole thing was a setup so that the Living Monolith can steal the Cheops Crystal in order to regain his powers and with the help of some of the X-Men they defeat the Monolith.

Jaime next appears running his dead brother Ramon's casinos alongside his other brother Phillip. Wanting revenge for his brothers death Jaime sends Philip to kill Power Man and Iron Fist. After some near misses and the destruction of their office Power Man and Iron Fist take the fight to the brothers destroying their business and capturing them.


  • Jaime is expert thief, average hand-to-hand combatant using basic streetfighting techniques.

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