Jaime Gordón was a Mexican police inspector who reluctantly worked with the vigilante Masacre. One night during a meet up, Gordón refused to give Masacre a notebook which contained a list of criminals and data on them, for which Masacre took the list forcefully.

Masacre went after crimelord Calavera de Jade and killed him, as Inspector Gordón and other officers arrived shortly after. The following day, Masacre bid farewell to Gordón and left for the United States.[1]

  • Jaime Gordón is an homage to DC Comics' Commissioner James Gordon. "Jaime" is an equivalent of "James" in Spanish. Additionally, Inspector Gordón had planned to use a projection lamp on top of his police station to call Masacre whenever needed, in a similar fashion to Commissioner Gordon's Bat-Signal.

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