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When Jaine was sixteen, she was a fashion model for a trashy magazine. By eighteen, she recorded two albums for a minor studio and sold over one-hundred copies each.[1] Eventually she got involved in the mystic arts and sold the souls of seven policemen to Zahgurim, Hell's blacksmith, in return of two living guns and a mystic suit of armor. However both items would only work if she didn't use them to shift the balance between Heaven and Hell.[2]

Daimon Hellstrom

She eventually teamed up with Daimon Hellstrom to take down Armorer, a mystical serial killer.[3] After the encounter Daimon invited her to hell to be his consort,[4] the relationship ended after she learned that she wasn't the only woman Daimon had invited and grew tired of his orgies.[5]

At some point in her adventures, she claimed to have killed at least one Ghost Rider.[5]

Heaven's on Fire

Jaine resurfaced trying to save the Anti-Christ child Anton Satan from the fallen angel Zadkiel's henchmen at Anton's office on Wall Street. They nearly escape until Zadkiel's henchmen stopped her in her place.[6] She then encountered her old flame Hellstorm and while fighting Zadkiel's soldiers, argued about the fate of Anton. The fight later got her into the presence of Ghost Rider and the Caretaker. She tried to shoot Sara with her breathing gun but couldn't because Sara was a nun. She and Hellstorm later united with both Ghost Riders Blaze and Ketch, and Sara in a plan to storm Heaven and stop Zadkiel.[5]

Daimon remained adamant that Anton should be killed instead of delivered to his father but was talked down by Jaine who pointed out that they needed to turn him over, so as to learn a way into Heaven from Satan. Zadkiel had moved a gateway to Hell from one of Satan's safehouses to Jasper County where they had to face off against Scarecrow and Madcap, members of the Ghost Rider Assassination League hired by Zadkiel to stop them and to kill Blaze and Ketch. During the ensuing fight Jaine was almost tricked into killing Daimon through Madcap's powers but broke free. After switching targets, Daimon and Jaine were able to take down Scarecrow and Madcap. Soon after this fight they discovered Anton Master Pandemonium's portal to Hell to send an invasion force through to Heaven using a portal contained within Sara, though she was quickly able to close it.[7] Rather than attempting to join in the fight against Zadkiel and Anton, Daimon and Sara spent their time kissing.[8]

Powers and Abilities

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Jaine Cutter can raise a second skin made of minerals from the River Styx, making her invulnerable to most forms of attack.[5] Her nails become super sharp which, combined with their invulnerability, make her able to cut through almost any substance. She is capable of magically summoning ghosts and spirits.[citation needed]


Despite her invulnerable skin, she can still be damaged by powerful magic.[citation needed]



  • Breathing Gun: Jaine has and uses one of the two Breathing Guns, one of the few man-made items capable of killing or at least hurting supernatural beings.[9]


  • Apparently, Jaine Cutter smells like Hell, when using her second skin.[5]

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