Agent X was a spy working for Imperial Japan who was active during World War II. In 1942 he was in operations in the United States and had hired jewel thief Yo Lanar to steal black diamonds used by American weapons manufacturers. The thefts attracted the attention of the hero Father Time. When Lanar accidentally led Father time to Agent X's hideout, the spy summoned his minions to stop the hero. Father Time defeated Agent X's minions and knocked out both Agent X and Lanar, and turned them over to the authorities.[2]

Later, Agent X was a Japanese soldier who fought for Imperial Japan during World War II. He was stationed on a massive battle platform that was disguised as an island. From this staging ground, he sent fighter planes to attack American ships that brought supplies to the battle front after America entered the war following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the spring of 1942, on of these shipments included a ship that included the Human Torch and Toro on board as deck hands. They found out that the ship was infiltrated by Japanese spies disguised as Chinese workers who were alerting Agent X of their position and painting a massive target on the desk of the ship. The Torch and Toro then fought of a Japanese air raid and tracked the plane's location to the secret island.

There they clashed with Agent X who attempted to capture them. However the two flaming heroes detonated the island, but not before Agent X could order his men to mine the ocean and flee in a P.T. Boat. The Torch and Toro then tracked Agent X to another Japanese island base and destroyed the facility while taking Agent X hostage. Knowing of the mines, the Torch tied Agent X to the masthead of the ship, forcing the Japanese soldier to tell them where the mines were located.

When the ship reached its destination in the East Indies, Agent X broke free and, preferring death over capture, jumped into the a soldier's bayonet, killing him instantly.[3]


Agent X was in command of a massive battleship disguised as a island.
Agent X (Imperial Japan) secret headquarters

Agent X's secret hideout

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