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Jakal is the son of the Zn'rx queen Maraud, and thus one of the potential heirs to the throne of the Zn'rx world.

Jakal's mother Maraud was poisoning the emperor, Bhadsha, in order to speed up the succession and place her son Jakal on the throne. Meanwhile, she sent Jakal to Earth to capture the Power Pack kids in order to have their powers transferred to Jakal so that he would have a distinct advantage in defeating his brothers, the other princes that were in line for the throne. After several attempts, Jakal finally succeeded but something went wrong and the powers began to drive him mad. He even refused to obey Maraud any longer. In the end, the kids got their powers back (although they didn't get the exact same powers back), and Jakal gave his life to save the emperor from Maraud's poisons.

Several years later however, it was revealed that Jakal was still alive and that his consciousness had usurped that of the Emperor.[1] Along with his mother, who also turned out to be still alive, he planned to wage a war against the various Queen mothers to put them back in line and stop their attempts to eliminate him in order to make one of their sons Emperor. He also planned to restore the Zn'rx empire to its former glory. Power Pack once again got dragged into the battle. With the help of the Kymellians and the Zn'rx clans that refused to acknowledge Jakal's reign, like Prince Sobak, queen mother Destrak, and their armies, they managed to fight back against Jakal's forces. Jakal meanwhile began to grow tired of his dominating mother, and eventually rebelled against her.[2] Not much later, Power Pack defeated him in a final battle. The Kymellian ambassador promised he would see to it that Jakal was dealt with. His fate is unknown.

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None normally but for a short while before his death, he had all the combined powers of the four Power Pack kids.

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