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Jakar was reportedly an alien from an unidentified dimension. Thousands of years ago, a cosmic catastrophe destroyed the other stars and planets in their realm. They search for other surviving races but discovered none and eventually Jakar was the only member of his to not succumb to a plague which sent its victims into a coma. Through reason's unknown, Jakar discovered a portal to Earth and in his madness set about to capture people to transfer their minds into his mindless people's bodies. He disguised himself as the Stranger and recruited Batroc the Leaper. The disappearances brought about the attention of Captain America and the Falcon who tracked down and confronted Batroc and his Brigade. During the fight Jakar joined and helped gain victory. Jakar let his illusion drop and explained his origins, and then took the captives and left. Batroc, Cap and Falcon tracked him to his hideout, but incapacitated and captured the trio. They escaped and attacked but were still outmatched. Cap discovered his dimensional portal and aimed to look at Jakar's incapacitated wife, Kari-Le, and Jakar became ashamed of his actions and released everyone and fled into space.[1]

At some point while travelling through space, Jakar was captured by the real Stranger, and take to his Laboratory World. He was discovered by Quasar who tried to free him from his experimentation but he rejected it and blasted him out of his cell.[2] He somehow escaped and later set out to seek vengeance on the Stranger and went to obtain the Globes of Knowledge held by Tyrant but was also not powerful enough to take on Tyrant. Jakar made clones of the Spinsterhood in an effort to gain the help of Jack of Hearts. Once in possession of the Globes he escaped across the universe. Jack of Hearts then recruited the Silver Surfer to help defeat Jakar and the pair confronted him and destroyed his ship and weakened him. He managed to escape and his current fate and whereabouts are unknown.[3]


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