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At the age of 13, Jake Gomez discovered that he could transform himself into a werewolf without the influence of a full Moon, a power he inherited from his father.[2] He lived with his grandmother, Rora and his cousin, Molly. One night, Jake and Molly discovered that the Life Pharmaceutical organization had captured some of the tribal people from Hopi Reservation in the Painted Desert, so they aimed to stop them.[1] During their mission they met U.S. Marshals Red Wolf and J.J.. After Jake lost control of his werewolf form and attacked the marshals, Red Wolf offered to train Jake in using his werewolf powers in a controlled manner using Native American supernatural knowledge from his reality.[3]



Lycanthropy: Jake Gomez can transform himself into a werewolf at night. The transformation is more dictated by his emotions rather than full moon availability. Although he doesn't have full control over his powers, he uses a music playlist made by his cousin, Molly to control his emotions. [1]


As a Werewolf, Jake showed vulnerability to objects or weapons made of silver.[4]

Without Molly's playlist, Jake can transform into his werewolf form without control over his actions, causing him to go in a rampage; until he calms down or the sun rises.[3]

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