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When the real Jake Olson was killed, Marnot used the opportunity to craft Thor a new mortal identity to help hide him from the Dark Gods.[1]

Later, "Jake" was separated from Thor physically by Odin, because Thor had suffered mystical injuries that required time to heal, but he still had responsibilities to uphold as Jake Olson. This ultimately turned out to be a mistake when Odin died while the two aspects of Thor were separated, and the Odinforce transferred itself to Thor, making him King of Asgard.[2] Removing "Jake Olson" from Thor's being also removed his connection to humanity, leaving a Thor with the power of the All-Father who wanted to help the people of Midgard, but could no longer empathize with them or forgive their failures. Jake Olson openly opposed Thor's increasing involvement in world affairs after he brought Asgard to New York City.[3] During the Consortium of Nation's assault on Asgard, Jake grabbed Mjolnir before it could return to Thor, and began attacking Thor. Increasingly angered at the world opposing what he only saw as him trying to help them, Thor lashed out with the Odinpower, killing Jake Olson, and thereby killing his own humanity.[4]

After more than a century of The Reigning, where Asgard directly controlled the Earth and its people, the Spirit of the Jewel helped King Thor recognize his errors. He returned to the battle of New York and prevented his younger self from killing Jake Olson. The two aspects of Thor were remerged with one another, preventing the Reigning future from coming to pass.[5]

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