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Jake Olson was a thief and drug dealer, and charmed his way into the life of Hannah Fairmont so that he could gain access to the drugs in the hospital she worked at. Being an E.M.T., he was dispatched to the docks where the Avengers were battling the Destroyer. Jake was killed during an explosion, and his partner Demitrius Collins had to break the news to Hannah. Demitrius was in fact, and undercover police detective who was investigating Jake for the pharmacy robberies. When Hannah went to Jake's apartment in SoHo to clear out his things, she discovered Jake there apparently alive and well. But it wasn't the real Jake at all, it was in fact Thor in his new mortal identity as Jake Olson, foisted upon him by Marnot to help hide him from the Dark Gods.[1]

Later, Loki went to Mephisto and requested that the spirit of the true Jake Olson be given to him for his own plans. Loki returned Jake to life, and drove him to try and kill police detective Brady O'Neil. When Loki pushed Jake to commit armed robbery, Thor stepped into his own mortal form of Jake Olson. During their fight in the convenience store, the true Jake was knocked unconscious and Loki took possession of his body, driving his soul back out and into the realm of the dead. Loki was then imprisoned inside the body and stripped of his Asgardian powers by Odin, in essence making him a mortal. Claiming he was Jake Olson's twin brother Loren, Loki went to prison. The spirit of the real Jake Olson was finally commended not to Mephisto's realm again, but to eternal peace.[2]



In his form amalgamated with Thor's, he has super strength, healing, speed, and electrokinesis, all just like Thor's powers.

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