Jaketch was an apprentice executioner in the Skrull judicial system. The Fantastic Four were transported to Tarnax IV to stand trial before Judge Hagar. Reed pleaded for leniency towards the people of Xandar but Hagar was unmoved, and any thoughts of a fair trial were quickly dispelled as he ordered the FF’s death at the hands of Jaketch, a junior executioner.

As Jaketch gunned down Reed and Ben in succession, he revealed his ambition to become Lord High Executioner, from which position of authority he would be able to execute Hagar himself. Next in line for the sanction, Sue turned invisible in the hope of evading certain death, but Jaketch’s visor allowed him to target body heat and Sue met the same fate as her colleagues.

The Fantastic Four didn't actually die. Jaketch later explained to them that he had zapped them with a metabolic ray that cause them to age and eventually die after 72 hours had passed.[1] However, the three would eventually reverse the effects of the ray and survive.[2]


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