Jamal Blass received Ultra powers in a Jumpstart triggered by the Entity of the Moon. He joined Hardcase, Forsa, and Starburst as part of the first public Ultra team, the Squad. As DJ Blast, Blass used his powers to assist the police, perform community service, and promote his musical career.

The Squad was eventually ripped apart by their first Ultra foe, NM-E. Forsa was crippled and left for dead while Starburst was beaten comatose. DJ Blast was on the verge of dying as well, so he ordered the injured Hardcase to leap away with the still-living Starburst before DJ Blast unleashed all his power in a suicide ploy to destroy NM-E.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Molecular Destabilization Ability to make anything remotely explode with varying intensities, it was likened to causing instability via minutia reorganization.[2]

  • Object Exploding
  • Explosive Beam Emission
  • Self-Detonation

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