James Allen was a genius who specialized on reverse engineering pieces of technology for companies. One of his clients was Mr. Crann of A.I.M., who provided James with an alien suit to uncover its secrets.

With the help of his brother Edmund, James discovered that the alien suit had the ability to lock in a fixed point in space. Together they tested and tinkered with the suit's gloves and boots until they managed to get them to remain in a fixed position relative to the Earth, allowing its user to walk stand above ground and walk on air.

Mr. Crann unexpectedly visited James while he was still working on the suit, at a time Edmund was in possession of the uniform's boots and gloves. James refused to tell on Edmund, fearing his involvement could get him killed. James was fatally beaten up by Crann and two A.I.M. agents. Edmund walked into James' laboratory to find his brother half-conscious. He managed to use the boots and gloves to kill Crann and the A.I.M. agents, but James died in his arms shortly afterwards.[1]

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