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James Allison was a man living in Cross Plains, Texas.[2]

He had the ability to see his past incarnations,[3] but was in his final incarnation.[2]

Previous incarnations

The reincarnations of Jamus of Lemuria,[4] Niord, Hialmar,[3] Tyr, Bran,[2] Horsa, Eric, John,[3] and many others eventually led to James Allison.[2]

During his various incarnations:



As the Wyrm achieved his schemes using Allison, Conan, Agnes, Solomon Kane, and Moon Knight, he briefly revealed his intent, then left James Allison for Hyborian Age's Stygia. Allison immediately recovered his full mind, and the extent of his mistake.[6]


During his last moments of life, agonizing in his deathbed, Allison relived his confrontation with the monsters of the Valley of the Worm in one of his reincarnations, that of the barbaric Niord.

It was stated that after his death, he would be briefly mourned.[3]...[2]



As he was dying, he was able to see his previous incarnations' lives.[3]



  • No other stories (and past lives) or James Allison have been adapted by Marvel Comics so far. The second and only other story published during Howard's lifetime, "The Garden of Fear" (July-August 1934), was published in Marvel Tales,[7] a short-lived fantasy/science fiction magazines. The title was reprised by another short-lived fantasy/science fiction magazine, itself reprised by Timely Comics (Marvel Comics' first iteration) for the rebranding of Marvel Mystery Comics in August, 1949.[8]

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