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Quote1 Because that moment, I realized -- the world is my getaway vehicle! Quote2



Overdrive had always wanted to be a superhero and despite a talent as race car driver, he tried many different methods to become a super hero. When they all failed he tried to to start a normal life as a motorist; however, after a horrible accident he sought the help of the Power Broker, and was subsequently approached by Mister Negative to become a member of his organization.[3][4]

He became a petty crook and a member of the Inner Demons that was able to transform and transmutate ordinary vehicles via special nanites. He would have a relatively successful heist when he adapted a motorcycle helmet to his costume just as he was fleeing Hercules and with the helmet on, the demi-god did not recognize him. Overdrive wore this helmet and others like it as part of his costume ever since.[5]

Swing Shift[]

Overdrive was charged by Mister Negative to steal the Tablet of Death and Entropy from a museum, but was unable to deliver it because of interference from Spider-Man. In the skirmish that followed, Overdrive led Spider-Man on a high-speed chase through the streets of Manhattan. When Spider-Man smashed the windshield of Overdrive's car, it revealed dozens of pieces of Spidey-related merchandise, such as bobble-heads, air-fresheners, and action figures. Overdrive declared that he was Spider-Man's "biggest fan", even asking for an autograph as Spider-Man was trying to stop him.

The chase finally culminated in a car-wreck that had Overdrive and his vehicle hanging from a bridge in New York by Spider-Man's webbing, with Spider-Man's trademark note, "Courtesy of your friendly neighbor-hood Spider-Man." Overdrive asked the police who were on the scene to arrest him if he could keep the note.[6]

Dark Reign[]

Overdrive was again dispatched by the Inner Demons, this time to steal a Sonic Pulse Generator. Much like last time, he came into conflict with Spider-Man and was hastily defeated and the Sonic Pulse Generator was taken from him. Overdrive eventually returned to Mister Negative who ordered Overdrive killed for his constant failures. After being beaten, Overdrive was forced into the trunk of a car to be taken elsewhere to be murdered and buried. Using his powers he took control of the vehicle and managed to escape the Inner Demons.

After in-amicably parting ways with Mister Negative, Overdrive went solo and tried to kidnap heiress Teri Hillman to extort money from her family, but was again foiled by Spider-Man. Afterward, to stop him from commandeering a police van, he sent him to jail via the mounted police.[7]


He would later be involved in another kidnapping case on the other side when he was hired to retrieve a hostage from Kingpin's organization; however, Black Panther interfered with what unknown to him was the rescue attempt. Despite the further intervention of Lady Bullseye, Overdrive failed to get the girl away, leaving her to be rescued by Black Panther.[8]

Superior Foes[]

Overdrive was hired next by Boomerang to be a part of his version of the Sinister Six.[9] Overdrive stole the original Big Wheel and upgraded it through his powers; however, the new Spider-Man defeated Overdrive and the rest of the Sinister Six using a power dampening field that caused Overdrive's nanites to shut down.[10]

Overdrive remained a member of the team, participating in their plan to recover the head of former Maggia leader Silvermane from the Owl. When the team was confronted by Power Man and Iron Fist, Overdrive expressed excitement at meeting Luke Cage, who responded by knocking the villain out with a steel chair; however, Boomerang freed the team while they were in transit to jail.[11]

When the group eventually obtained the head of Silvermane, Overdrive betrayed his comrades by alerting Mister Negative.[citation needed] Mister Negative then arrived at the location where the head was going to be transferred into the possession of the Maggia crime family.[citation needed] Several other underworld figures, who also wanted Silvermane's head, arrived as well and fight ensued, which Overdrive became caught up in.[citation needed]

The Sins of Overdrive[]

While taking a job for Inner Demons, Overdrive operated as a getaway driver for a seemingly routine bank heist. However, after the Inner Demons exited, he made his run from authorities until his vehicle was cornered. Attempting to use a helicopter feature from a toy, an impatient Inner Demon instead chose to open fire on the NYPD blockade and killed dozens of officers. Witnessing the event, and while horrified, Overdrive continued to their safe house.[4] There, he was told to relax despite the grave situation, with his being incensed that they're bringing more police on them. When they were set upon by Sin-Eater, and witnessing what he had done to the Inner Demons, Overdrive took off in his car having wished that it had instead been The Punisher. Overdrive then raced to different locations attempting to flee New York, but was met by Sin-Eater at each, so he instead raced for three days and nights.

A vision of his death was dreamt by Spider-Man that, upon finally being caught, he had crashed his car, and was wounded long enough for Sin-Eater to finish him.[12] On the day of his prophesied death, he caught the attention of Spider-Man, who struggled to protect him from Sin-Eater to "cleanse" him of his 'sin of cowardice' and was shot by a phantom rifle through his chest; upon dying, Overdrive felt relief to stop running. When his body was being examined by Carlie Cooper in the morgue, James returned to life with no bodily damage and questioning what happened to him.[1] James began feeling sorrow for the crimes he had committed in his life and explained to Carlie what had happened to him, but the police officers who arrived to check on him instead brutally beat him to near death until Carlie intervened. Carlie's timely rescue allowed James to go on life support while comatose, and she explained what had happened to Spider-Man.[13] James had regained his powers and sins after Sin-Eater committed suicide, and sought out Carlie Cooper to thank her with lunch while also planning to make a change in his life for the better.[14][15]


Power Grid[17]
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Limited Technopathy: He can control technology that his nanobacteria is in contact with. He mainly uses this for vehicles.[citation needed]

Vehicle alteration: Through the use of the reality altering "nano-bacteria", Overdrive can modify any vehicle he touches at will. He can alter their form and appearance, often making them into supercharged escape vehicles with a black color scheme. This alteration can be a complete replication of specific vehicles provided he was able to study them intensely before hand.[7]


Adept motorist (motorcycles, cars, trucks),[citation needed] skilled mechanic[citation needed]


Overdrive does not possess any type of invulnerability, and his powers don't work on non-technological objects.[citation needed] Converted vehicles revert back to normal if they are out of range for more then a few minutes.[citation needed] Sexual intercourse also causes him to be unable to use his powers for a short amount of time.[citation needed]





Numerous cars, such as the replicated Spider-Mobile,[citation needed] and the Big Wheel[10]


  • Despite the termination of Overdrive's employment, Mister Negative still considers the nanites his property, and as such wants Overdrive to pay licensing fees.[3]


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