Sir James Braddock is professor and overseer of the European Defense Initiative for the last two years. His son Brian is Captain Britain and leader of the EDI. During the creation of the EDI, Braddock and his staff were behind the Americans in their research in superhuman research. Also, Braddock was having difficulty in treating a delusional man named Thorlief Golmen, a member of the EDI who believed himself to be Thor. Braddock never made any success as to what causing it and called renowned psychologist Donald Blake for his help. In reality, it is learn that Golmen is actually a reincarnated Thor and that Blake was actually Thor's brother Balder. After Thor had recovered from his senses, Braddock was working on a harness that could grant the wearer powers including flight and super strength. Although, the harness lacked a power unit in order for it to work; Thor remedy the problem by building Mjolnir, that would power the harness. [1]

Braddock worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates in coordinating the capture of Thor, as they believed the hero went insane and rogue from the EDI. During the Liberators' invasion in America, Braddock looked over the European Union's inability to intervene given the Liberators threaten to launch America's nuclear arsenal in response, which Braddock stated that the EDI are on a standstill to do anything. However, his son was on the contrary in which he was able to lead the EDI in infiltrating the U.S. and aided the American heroes in battling the Liberators.

James' son Brian became ill, eventually bedridden, and could no longer serve as Captain Britain. It appeared evident that Brian did not have much loner to live. James, Sr.'s son and Brian's younger brother, Jamie began serving as Captain Britain. [2]

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