Jamie Braddock was the baron of Higher Avalon, a domain of Battleworld.

Jamie brought forth accusations in the court of law against Baron Sinister of the Bar Sinister, accusing him of having aligned himself with King Hyperion of Utopolis against Jamie's own domain of Higher Avalon. When Sinister argued that this was ludicrous, as there was an ocean between his domain and that of Hyperion's, Jamie countered that he knew that Sinister had hired the Iron Pirates as go-betweens. Sinister dismissed this accusation as lies, and stated that even if they weren't, Baron Jamie couldn't prove it. Accusations of libel were also brought forth against Sinister, which he did not deny. Sinister was found guilty, but refused to accept his punishment, choosing instead to exercise his right to fight in the arena, issuing a challenge to Baron Jamie's brother, Brian Braddock.

Jaime allowed his brother to fight Sinister, and at first, Brian appeared to make short work of Sinister, decapitating him in mere seconds. However, Sinister was not so easily defeated, and rose again, proceeding quickly turn the tide and defeating Brian. Before Sinister could kill Jamie brother, God Emperor Doom stopped the duel, and brought his own accusations forth against Brian, accusing him of aiding dissidents against Doom's rule. Jamie intercepted, declaring that it was he that had committed the treason, not his brother. Doom at first sentenced Jaime, and his entire family, to death, but upon advice from his wife, agreed to allowed Brian to succeed his brother as baron, and banished Jamie to the Deadlands. When Jamie was thrown into the Deadlands from the Shield, he faced off against the Zombies there and was taken down by them.[1]

Baron Jamie was eventually turned by the undead zombies and became part of their horde. When Black Panther and Namor brought down a section of the Shield separating the Deadlands, Perfection, and New Xandar from the rest of Battleworld and offered them passage through the Siege Courageous to battle Doom, Jamie was among those that chose to follow.[2]


Seemingly those of Captain Britain of Earth-616.

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