The past history of James Barnes of Earth-9997 closely resembles that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, the primary divergence appears to be that, in this reality, Bucky died during World War II. Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, he never became the Winter Soldier, or Captain America's successor. Since his death, Bucky had been roaming in the Realm of the Dead, a repository of the deceased created by the Elders of the Universe to restore the fragmented multiverse.
There he would be in countless battles against super-powered beings, believing everyone in the land of the living were the ones truly dead and he was still alive. When Captain America was killed, and his soul entered the Realm of the Living, he would be immune to the realm's "selective amnesia" and remember that he was dead, and that Mar-Vell was on a mission to kill Death and create a new paradise for the deceased. He would rally Bucky and an army of his old allies and friends together in one final attack against Death, which would give Mar-Vell the needed time to destroy Death with the Ultimate Nullifier.
When Mar-Vell finished constructing his Paradise, Bucky was one of its first inhabitants. Given a chunk of the Cosmic Cube to consume, Bucky created his own ideal paradise. In it, he was Captain America and lived out a glorious career in heroics in a world where World War II continued on. He would later be pulled from this reality when Paradise was invaded by the Kree army. Bucky would participate in the battle, and stop the Kree occupation of Paradise.
His current whereabouts after this battle remain unrevealed.


None. When he created his own reality, he presumably assumed similar powers to that of Captain America.


Seemingly those of James Buchanan Barnes of Earth-616.

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