Bucky took on the mantle of Captain America and was seen cleaning the windows of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for Nick Fury.[1] He later attended San Diego Comic Con 2009 where was seen queuing up to get inside.[3]

At some point Bucky became an aid in a retirement home where Old Man Logan was sent and helped show him around.[2]

Bucky later attended Hoggoth's School of Bitchcraft and Blizzardry when Doctor Strange was sent back[4] and the 83rd annual film movie awards[5]

As the Winter Solider, Bucky joined Captain America's elite Black-Ops squad to help take down A.I.M., however unknown to them, 3 other teams were also brought in and the groups all left the helicarrier unguarded, allowing A.I.M. to take control of it.[6]

When Captain America went to see "Santa Claus" he asked for him to bring Bucky back to life, to which Bucky pointed out he wasn't dead and has been sitting near him the whole time.[7] Later during Halloween, Gremlin visited Captain America, who again recounted that Bucky was dead. Bucky again appeared and reminder Captain America that he wasn't dead and had been back for a while.[8]

Not wanting to pay for cable, Doctor Strange opened a portal for him to view other universes, eventually he found the prime universe and began to binge watch. He then forced others to view this universe, including Captain America who saw that Bucky of that universe was still alive, to which Bucky pointed out he was still alive.[9]

After being unfrozen for decades, Captain America began to miss his allies from his own decade. However Captain America constantly ignored Bucky and acted like he couldn't hear him. Tony Stark introduced him to Dum Dum Dugan who was a Life-Model Decoy of the original, who was presented to Captain America who was missing his old buddies from World War II. He was accidentally destroyed by the Winter Soldier, who Steve had been ignoring.[10]

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