James Christian was a man with little prospects for the future, who one day decided on a feeling to go to London. There he eventually found two children, a boy known as Snap and a baby girl known as Siren. Both of these children were like himself, Warpies. He quickly came to realize that he found them due to the fact that he was attracted to Siren's power to call other Warpies to her.

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Slowly, others Warpies came to them and James, now named Uncle Lex by his kids formed the "Parasites", training them to the use of his powers and made them became thieves. The Parasites were composed of Hal, Nettle, Peeping Tom, Ramora, Siren, Snap, Spasm and Moley.

It was Moley, under Uncle Lex's direction, who used his power of geokinesis to create their home, the Den. However, later the two came into conflict for an unknown reason and Moley either ran away from the Parasites or was killed by Uncle Lex. What is known is that he forbid the other's of ever mentioning Moley again unless they wanted him to consider them to be bad kids also. Uncle Lex seems to have less interest to the individual Warpies and using them as tools. He was intending to grow his group to form an army under his control.

When the R.C.X. gone-rogue Warpies team Cherubim came to London, he recruited them, but when Snap was crushed by a bus during a robbery and his friends don't look back, the Cherubim decided to quit the team, but Uncle Lex refused them to leave, letting his Parasites battle with them. Seeing a defeat come, he eventually let them go, stating he had plenty of Warpies to come, thank to Siren's powers.

Uncle Lex's fate after this in unknown, but it is assumed that he lost his power along with the rest of the Warpies who were on Otherworld when they had their powers stripped from them by Captain Britain.


Currently none, all of the Warpies were depowered by Captain Britain on Otherworld using the Sword of Might. [1]

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