James D'Angelo was a New York policemen who first beame involved with the Sons of the Tiger when people at a film set with Bob Diamond involved were being murdered[1]. After the Sons of the Tigers had given up their amulets, he became involved with their successor the White Tiger, after he had become a suspect in the murder of a boy[2]. Even though the Tiger was cleared of all charges, D'Angelo remained suspicious of the hero because of his secret identity[3], but because he had let him go, was made out by the media as an ally to the Tiger and a "philosopher cop"[4]. When Hector Ayala's sister Awilda suspected the White Tiger to be responsible for her rother's disappearance, D'Angelo and Blackbyrd (who was also investigating the hero) confronted the Tiger who unmasked and revealed himself to be Hector[5]. After fighting off an attack by mercenaries trying to kidnap Jack of Hearts[6], the Tiger assisted D'Angelo and Blackbyrd in bringing down the Corporation which was behind the murder of scientist Phillip Hart[7][8].

D'Angelo was eventually promoted to captain when he inherited Jean DeWolff's command of the 14th Precint, following her death. He had a meeting with D.A. Tower and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who told them that the Sin-Eater worked as a test subject for R&D, experimenting a drug improved strength and endurance which caused him side effects of violence and mental instability. Thanks to Spider-Man's and Daredevil's help, he nevertheless managed to move the Sin-Eater from the precint to Ryker's Island, despite an angry lynching mob.[9]

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