Quote1.png I don't deserve your mother. And I definitely don't deserve you. In this or any time. Quote2.png
-- James Harper src


James Harper was a Hydra agent who, against Hydra guidelines, was married to Maria Lowe. The two separated after Maria found out that he worked for Hydra.

When Hydra found a future variant of the Bactrack Time-Travel Suit outside of James' home, they hypothesized that Chronosaurus Rex was future James. Unable to capture Rex, they decided to lead her into a trap by kidnapping James.

When Rex and company came to rescue him, she was forced out of the suit by Agent Cole. Finding that Rex was a ten year old girl, Cole was going to have her tortured until noticing her resemblance to James. James quickly realized that she was the future version of his daughter, Ines, and denounced Hydra. After helping defeat most of Hydra's forces, James gave a heartfelt goodbye to his daughter.[1]

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