The Father of John Howlett and husband to Itsu Akihiro, in this reality he manages to kill the Winter Soldier after he killed Itsu and manages to save his infant son whom he names John. He takes John to Tibet in an attempt to raise him right and make their living as farmers. Logan senses evil in his son, but they live in peace until Charles Xavier shows up to recruit James into his X-Men. James declines but the damage is already done and the event has caused John to question his father on their past. John becomes increasingly violent and one day James's old enemy Sabretooth shows up to get John. He throws John off a cliff and kills John's friend before James manages to kill him with the Muramasa Blade. The damage is already done however and John leaves his father to go to Japan and become a crime boss. James eventually tracks his son down and uses the Muramasa Blade to kill him before committing suicide with the Muramasa Blade.


Seemingly those of Wolverine.


Muramasa Blade

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