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The life of this James Howlett followed a similar path to his Earth-616 counterpart up until his teammates the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man were abducted by the Apocalypse Twins.

Wolverine brought the mutant members of the Unity Division (with the exception of Havok) and Thor to the Apocalypse Ark, where the Twins planned to make the Scarlet Witch cast a spell to bring all of mutantkind to their Ark, while the Earth was left to die at the hands of Exitar the Executioner.[1]

Logan was with Rogue and Sunfire when they came across Wanda and Simon casting the rapture spell, but they were intercepted by Grim Reaper and Wolverine's son Daken before they could reach them.

Wolverine took on his son while Sunfire targeted Wonder Man. Logan told Rogue to tackle Reaper but she went after Wanda instead after absorbing Wolverine's abilities, she used her retractable claws to stab Wanda through her chest killing her but it was too late the spell was caste.[2]

Wolverine was next seen in a stasis pod alongside Sunfire and Cyclops after all the mutants were transported to the Ark.[3]

Once Earth was destroyed and mutants were relocated on Planet X, Wolverine spent eight years alongside Shiro being tortured and having his body burned by Sunfire's plasma flame due to their attempt to thwart the Twin's plans.[4] Both him and Sunfire were rescued by the Chronos Corps, who were helping Havok save the Earth by transferring the consciousness of the remaining members of the Unity Division to the past.

Once rescued, Wolverine worked with Kang, but had no option except to knock Sunfire out from behind in order to successfully continue with the plan.[5]

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