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The history of this Wolverine seemingly followed the same path of his Earth-616 counterpart's.

He was one of the X-Men in a mission to stop Mr. Sinister. They followed the villain to the sewers of New York City, where they found a dismembered Deadpool who had tried to make Sinister pay him the money Chance White owed him, a corrupt media mogul Sinister killed after he became useless for his plan.

After rearming Wilson, Logan told him they could use his help in their mission, for which Deadpool asked to be allowed to fly the Blackbird, Wilson was finally permitted to pilot the jet, after Wolverine didn't let him numerous times in the past. Wolverine was heavily injured when Deadpool crashed the Blackbird in Genosha, Wade tried to wake him up by slapping him numerous times but he didn't respond. At some point, he and the other X-Men woke up and continued their journey to find Sinister.

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Deadpool returned to the surface after helping Death free spirits of deceased mutants in the Genoshan catacombs, Logan found Wilson and demanded him to focus and told him to get moving to the Magneto's citadel, the place where Mr. Sinister was. Angry, Wolverine continued his travel without Deadpool, who started looking for things to make a surprise for "the player", Logan obviously had no idea what was the mercenary talking about.

Wolverine and the X-Men were later helped by Deadpool when he pointed them out where to go in order to arrive to Magento's citadel. When the X-Men arrived, Deadpool had already dealt with Sinister's forces, and Sinister himself angrily confronted him, quickly subduing the X-Men using concussive blasts.

Logan and the rest of his team regained consciousness right after Deadpool had killed Sinister once and for all.[1]


Seemingly those of James Howlett of Earth-616


Seemingly those of James Howlett of Earth-616


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